Happy 1st Birthday, Julia!

Good morning, birthday girl!  You are an early riser and ready to start the day before the sun comes up.  You are so cuddly and affectionate.  I just love the way you burry your face into my shoulder when I pick you up out of bed. :-)

One of your favorite spots to hang out is at the front window.  And you love the boxes that have been sitting there the last few weeks...perfect for climbing on.

You are my "Julia Kate Sunshine!"  That smile is so contagious and brightens my day!

You are so happy to be walking now!  Makes keeping up with big sis a little easier.  You've earned the nickname "Sneaky Pete," or as Caroline says, "Snakey feat" because you hurry off with a grin, and find yourself somewhere you probably shouldn't be :-)

You LOVE your big sissy so much!  I am so excited to see the two of you become best friends!

If you had your way, I think you'd probably never wear pants.  You have the wiggliest, fastest kicking legs that make putting pants on near impossible!  Maybe we have a soccer player in the making. :-)

Happy birthday, sweet girl!  I'm so glad you're mine :-)