Documenting Our Days | 3:00pm

Three o'clock is brought to you by an afternoon cup of coffee.  After naps, everybody needs lots of attention, hugs, and cuddles.  Caroline is a very slow waker-upper and Julia just loves being close so by three o'clock, my energy is low and my arms are full.  Enter, coffee....

My collection of coffee mugs makes me's the little things :-),  Like the little note my husband left on top of the coffee maker for's been there so long it doesn't stick very well, but I like seeing it there every time I make a cup of coffee.

There are so many things to love about coffee...the smell, the taste, the warmth, but today, I love that it's photogenic.  It just looks inviting, even in a photograph.  Ok, I might have a slight addiction...

The thing about afternoon coffee, well, any coffee these days, is that once it's made I may or may not get to actually drink it and enjoy the caffeine pick-me-up.  Sometimes it just sits there taunting me while I chase the girls, fresh, yummy coffee...getting colder by the minute.  It's a good thing coffee doesn't lose it's caffeine while it's waiting for me to drink it :-).

I'd trade a hot cup of coffee for all the laughs and giggles and cuddles any day.  Some afternoons are really tiring, but thanks to coffee, we make it through :-).

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