Documenting Our Days | 10:30am

Mid-morning at our house is filled with a variety of things...playing, coffee, chores, coffee, running errands, coffee, school work...just lots of different things.  This month our blog circle is documenting 10:30am and we happened to be outside raking leaves and digging for rocks.  I love this series because last fall we were doing the same thing, and I was able to do a little then + now comparison.  Caroline has grown so much in the last year!

When you're done here, take a look at how Jasmine documented mid-morning at her house.

Then + Now

Then + Now

This girl LOVES rocks...she has for as long as I can remember.  We usually have at least a few laying around the house because she can't bear to leave them outside.  We have a little mound of dirt that she likes to dig through to find rocks to throw.  She'd spend all day digging and throwing if she could.

Then + Now

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